" From Gathering Youths to Scattering Disciples "

The Ugamaa camp meetings have connected many ugandan youths within America. Through these gatherings we learn about many things among which are our christian traditions and leadership skills. But above all, we aim to finish the work of the Gospel in all the world.

"How do we keep energized and 'powerized' for God after the few days spent at camp focusing on Him, and not fall back into our "mundane lives?" comments one of the youths, its a challenge...many a youths can relate to, "you go to church on Saturday get high and emotional from the service, then church is over and you feel like you're back to square one....

But remember He said, "Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself" John 15:4.


Encourage camp ministry in the nurturing and evangelistic outreach programs of the          Seventh-day Adventist Church

Provide networking opportunities for Ugamma Youths and Young Adults professionals         in the church

Develop working relationships with other Youths and young Adults within UGAMAA

Communicate and expand on issues that concern us as a group

Stay in touch with our Ugandan roots and take the initiative to implement the work              necessary when called upon.

Encourage each other spiritually as we look forward to His second coming.



By Aliraba Nsereko

The rain softly falls now. The air is chilled, the trees are bare… I sit here, with a cup of warm tea, the soothing warm liquid caressing the linings of my interior. A smile slowly forms on my lips, brushing away the thoughts of my day…the regular pitter patter of the rain calming and soothing, massaging and relaxing my weary body and mind. My mind begins to wonder and float about, hopping about to various scenes and moments, filling with memories… good memories that I now share with you…

It's a Sabbath morning, and all the ladies are in their very best, flocking around to the unconscious high of a churchy fashion show, the aura of their frames delicately draped in beautiful cheery colorful modern traditional gowns that gracefully sweep the floor, their bodies prancing to and fro, like that of a peacock at its high moments in life…
Children's laughter forms the background song, their high energetic spirits ready to pounce into action… friends are made, smiles are shared…jokes are tossed back and forth

The aroma of proud African men - their bellowing voices firmly clutching the words of a familiar yet foreign dialect, fills the pockets in the rhythm of the song, adding to the melodious gathering of African men and woman - 1st generation, 2nd generation, 3rd and maybe even 4th, all giving off that something, that something that gives them the right to be called Ugandan.

The scent of food fills my nostrils, numbing my mind of anything else, the magnificent display, the notorious scene… lined with dish, after dish, after dish, after dish… and so it goes on!!...
Young men coo, young women flatter…friends are made, laughter is shared, smiles are placed upon many a face…

I sit in a room filled with many a youth… We're all quite different, yet somehow in one way or another, we're all Ugandan, we're all children of God, united by a love that sometimes seems beyond possible….We share discussions, fling opinions, we meet and greet… Some are louder, some are quieter… but in that one place where we're all gathered, an invisible bond is formed, an invisible string is pulled that in someway, no matter how minuscule, helps to give us meaning, helps to answer questions, helps to tie us together… we're all African, we're Ugandan, we're all youth, we all have a purpose that must be fulfilled… with talents and gifts that need to continuously grow…


The sun is setting now, and I'm rejuvenated at the thought of the rejuvenating days the camp meetings offer: a time to set aside and acknowledge we all have issues; a time to let things be and focus more on God and becoming godlier people, a chance to tune out the normal day to day and sometimes routinely mundane tasks of our ever so increasingly hectic and stressful lives, a chance to laugh, and share, and smile… smile a smile that lasts in our hearts…
AND, might I add, J sweetly indulge in the many blessings that come with that…J

I hear the hands of my clock, their tick-tocking filling my space…! My memories are interrupted, my mind snaps back into current mode…you'll have to be there – at a Ugamaa camp meeting of course - to experience the rest and have something to write about, and a memory or two to share… J

Comfort Verses To Comfort You!
The Lord your God is with you; his power gives you victory. Zephaniah 3:17 TEV

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