The Origin of UGAMAA

The concept of Ugandan Adventists in the USA meeting on a regular basis originated among the Ugandan communities. On one side of the country was originated by Pr. Israel Kafeero, Bro. Fred Senoga, and Bro. Peter Serunjogi of Texas. The other side of the country picked their idea from Mrs. Sarah Ssenteza at a luncheon organized by the Boston group as a few Adventists who had attended the UNAA Convention fellow-shipped with them on the Sabbath day.

These two groups merged successfully as word continued to be relayed. Pr. Kafeero convened a meeting of all Ugandans in southwest Michigan and a committee was formed to start organizing the first camp-meeting. Pr. Kafeero was charged with the responsibility of continuously 'selling' the idea to more Ugandan Adventists in the United States Of America

The Trends of UGAMAA

The first venue chosen was Maryland/DC area. The members in that area were asked to look for the meeting place. The committee voted to invite Pr. Sendaula from Uganda to be the first speaker. He was accompanied by Pr. James Kaggya from Central Uganda conference. Pr. Kafeero was the Chief Archtect in writing the first draft of the Constitution that resulted in what is now known as UGAMAA, a fully registered non-profit organization of a 501(c) 3 types, at the federal level here in the United States Of America.

UGAMAA's Humble Leadership

The first elected president was Mrs. Sarah Kafeero, was also the first vice president and women' leader. That first summer (2002), the meetings were such a success that we have not missed a single summer since then. We have been around a few cities now; Baltimore, Boston, Michigan, Seattle, California, Texas and now Chicago. With such a small beginning UGAMAA has been a great blessing to those who have been lucky to participate.

The Purpose of UGAMAA
Pastor Daniel Lubega's View

1. What do you think the purpose of UGAMAA is?

UGAMAA did not exist when I was a child and I wish it did. Most Ugandan youth who grow up in the U.S. that I know are detached from their culture and want nothing to do with it when they mature because it has not been affirmed in their churches, school, or neighborhoods. UGAMAA camp meetings provide an opportunity for Ugandan Adventists across the U.S. to worship together in keeping with their culture and to enjoy fellowship between families that are geographically separated throughout the year. This cultural and spiritual affirmation is the purpose of Adventist camp meetings. This is one of the reasons why God required the Jews to go to Jerusalem for the annual feasts

2. What do you think you can do to make a difference in ugamaa based on the fact that we are now a 501 (c) 3 type?

UGAMAA can use its tax status to access grants that can be used to assist the church in Uganda and Ugandans here in the U.S. who need financial or other forms of assistance.

3. Why do think the national organization should always plan the camp meeting other than just the local?

My limited experience since the UGAMAA camp meeting in Tacoma is that the logistical planning of a convention of this magnitude is very difficult for some communities which often include people who may live in the same metropolitan area but unfortunately have little weekly interaction with each other and often little or no experience in organizing such a convention. If the national officers were principally responsible for planning the camp meeting then they could utilize the local officers in doing ground work by giving them specific assignments and objectives with specific deadlines to ensure proper, adequate, and timely preparation and organization. Furthermore, the national officers would be able to relay information to UGAMAA members around the U.S. who need to begin planning to attend in advance.

4. You have never shared to our group about your experience in Uganda, is there something you want to share?

My experience in Uganda was marvelous. I thank God for the sacrificial ministry of Gershom Bageni and Mumbere Paul who facilitated my ministry to youth and young adults in Uganda. I was blessed to preach at the youth conference in Jinja, give a week of prayer at Bugema University, preach two nights at the student week of prayer at Bugema Secondary School, preach at the Bunga Church for divine worship and preach to the Adventist youth organization at Makerere's annual convention. It was a marvelous experience in which over thirty youth took their stand for baptism. I praise God for the experience and I am ever desirous of ministry to my brothers and sisters in Uganda. I am honored to serve as a representative and "missionary" of UGAMAA and I hope that UGAMAA will do more in the future to spiritually and financially bless their fellow believers in Uganda.


The Leader of the Seventh-day Adventist Church [SDA] in the Central Uganda Conference [CUC] Pastor James Kaggya has called upon religious leaders in the country to engage all their followers in productive activities.
Pr. James Kaggya says that this is the only way to combat poverty that has eaten up the whole country. Presenting a paper on "the role of religious leaders in fostering development" at a development seminar code-named, "Akezimbira Expo 2011" at the Uganda Adventist Center in Kampala, Kaggya reiterated the need for all religious leaders to engage themselves in the fight against poverty.

He said that religious institutions need to play a pivotal role in developing their followers because they are equally responsible.
"The church must start up a campaign to ensure that every member takes part in any form of work…," said Pastor Kaggya.
"Every member must have something to sell; whether a physical commodity or a service….and every member should know the laws that govern work," he adds.
Pastor Kaggya also noted that that it is quite important for religious leaders to educate the followers of the ultimate use of their land. "The church should teach its members how to love and utilize land so as to generate all that they need for their decent living," said Pastor Kaggya. He cautioned the public against wishes of receiving donations from the western countries saying that Ugandans and Africans in general need to fight poverty themselves instead of relying on foreign aid. "No foreigner, no matter how many millions of dollars he has, can effect a change from poverty to decent livelihood. It is the people themselves that can effect that change…," Kaggya said. Akezimbira Expo which attracted hundreds of people is an initiative of Prime Radio through its Akezimbira programme, hosted by Simbwa Fred with a development consultant, George Mpagi Ssewannyana and a renowned author, Robert Sempa..One of the program sponsors and also the Managing Director of KMS Power Solutions, Michael Kizza commended Prime Radio for boosting their clients' businesses through its various programs and services




























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